VESCRIBE – Add your Story with Virtual Engraving

Special Moments Captured by Personalizing your Gifts using Virtual Engraving.

VeScribe provides virtual engraving of fine jewelry and giftware with a unique twist.  Imagine capturing a special moment, occasion or picture forever imbedded into an object’s own memory.  Like a time-capsule waiting for someone to peek inside to learn about its origin, history, special occasions, and journey.

How it works is each gift item has its own unique QR code that can be personalized, by the person bearing the gift, with messages, pictures or video capturing a special occasion or event like a wedding, birthday, or anniversary.  The recipient of the gift can later access this memory with a simple scan of the QR code and even add more memories should the opportunity arise.


Scan the attached QR code and see for yourself using your smartphone.

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Lori Strickland is an Artist, Owner of LucinaK LLC and the Founder of VeScribe which operates out of the Florida area. VeScribe has soft-launched trials and plans full rollout early 2022.

Listen to or read about this interview with Lori to learn more about her vision and VeScribe.

Full Interview

David: Tell us about you and what your company does.

Lori: We are VeScribe, and we provide virtual engraving to individuals and jewelers to expand the record of engraving.  We allow customers to add photos, videos, and texts into their engraving to tell their story in a more complete fashion.

We do this by QR codes which are specially linked to blockchain records that are blank and preset up so that our tools will help the customer to creative a beautiful record.

David: What products to you provide, where and when will they be available?

Lori: We are available online right now at  We are also going to be at the International Awards and Personalization Expo in February. We’ll be talking with engravers throughout the country to make this product available in their engraving stores so you can walk in and get this service from your local engraver.

We do sell online right now, creative engraved products that have specialty QR codes on them e.g., jewelry and giftware.  We also provide brass plates that can be attached to items that have the QR codes on them with a blank record so that they can be personalized as well.

David: Why Blockchain, what opportunities, paint points or problems do you hope to solve?

Lori: Well as a jeweler over the last couple of years we noticed that a lot of our raw materials, gemstones diamonds that sort of thing, we’re beginning to come with a secure sourcing on blockchain.  The supply chain was documented, and we were able to know that the products were ethically sourced.  We realized that not only did we get this assurance of ethically sourced materials, but we also got pictures of the stonecutter, pictures of the mine, and the journey that the pieces traveled on. That sort of thing was more attractive to us, it’s more attractive to customers, and so we realized that the model on blockchain was really fabulous for the supply chain.

We also knew as Jewelers, that a lot of the importance of an item comes once the sale is made, you know once the customer has the item “what makes that important to them?”.  We thought that we could use the same blockchain model for supply chain and use it going forward to tell the customer’s story “what exactly the item means to them”, “why was it purchased”.  They can add photos each year of an anniversary or a child school photo.  They can tell the history of a family steamer trunk that came in through Ellis Island, and you know put the documents that they have that make it special, and to do that before those stories are lost so that in future generations, these objects have just more meaning instead of you know just the object themselves.  They also tell the story of the life that held the object.

David:  Why did you choose VeChain?

Lori: We looked at a lot of blockchains and what we liked about VeChain was that it’s a green blockchain with its Proof of Authority which makes it sustainable and makes it low energy cost.   

We liked that it had a distributed model, the nodes throughout the world make it secure and we also liked that VeChain has a lot of business partners that make it a very stable blockchain.  

So, we think it’s the most business friendly blockchain out there, the people at VeChain have been extremely wonderful to us to help us get started and we’re really excited to work with VeChain.

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For further information, contact:

  Phone: +1 850-339-9304



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