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PARIL CLOTHING – Supply Chain & Brand Transparency

Feel Good About your Apparel knowing where it’s From, Inspiration, and How Made.

Paril Clothing is a Sustainable Streetwear Brand that uses blockchain tools like Vechain to bring supply chain and brand transparency to their customers.  Paril’s customers have high assurance that the product indeed meets the criteria that Paril sets for its brand.  

Blockchain provide these aspects to the customer through an easy-to-use interface provided by Vechain, allowing Paril to showcase their sustainable practices.  Customers can view the material sources, parties involved, and supply chain steps to be better informed and confident about their purchase choices.

How it works is Paril provides this experience through a metal hang tag that comes with every piece that is connected to a unique ID stored on the blockchain.   Simply scanning the QR code on the tag provides a rich story of the piece’s creator, origin, composition, collaborations, and sustainable practices.

Scan the attached QR code and see for yourself using your smartphone.

Jonathan Hernandez is the Founder of Paril Clothing, located in the Northern Virginia area.  Early December, Paril will release their first Hoodie, First Artist T-shirt collaboration and release a new T-shirt design.  

Listen to or read about this interview with Jonathan to learn more about his vision and Paril Clothing.

Full Interview

David: Tell us about you and what your company does.

Jonathan: I run a sustainable streetwear brand, focused on trying to track the whole supply chain.  We’re trying to basically just make everything sustainable from what the material of the clothing is made of, to shipping materials, and the packaging that items come in themselves.

David: What products do you provide, where can you get them, and when will they be available?

Jonathan: We provide a full range of seasonal wear from fall-winter to spring-summer, so when the spring-summer comes around, we drop shorts and T-shirts.  When the fall-winter comes around, we drop pants, long sleeves hoodies, all that good stuff to get you ready for the wintertime. 

Everything is dropped on our website, and we provide more information for the customer on our Instagram on when these drops will happen.

Currently have one T-shirt up, we’re working on the second drop right now which would be coming out in the next couple weeks.

David: Why did you choose blockchain, what opportunities or pain points were you hoping to solve, and what made you choose VeChain?

Jonathan: Basically, while I was doing my due-diligence, I was looking for a way to future-proof and present-proof everything.

For future-proof, eventually I’m trying to have everything in house, so I want to keep track of where the cotton is grown, where the fabrics will be sown, cut and sown, and whatnot. 

Present proof, right now we want to be as transparent to the customer as possible, so we also include where the T-shirts are coming from, or any piece that we create, where the item is coming from.

We want to also show the customer where these designs are being printed, also where these designs are inspired, so we have information on artists and all that.   

Why I selected VeChain, well Vechain seemed to be ahead of the curve, and they seem to be focusing on the bigger supply chain problem that exists currently and tracking everything so that’s why I picked them.

More Info

For further information, contact:

  Phone: +1 703-233-0813



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