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FUZIONERA – Cannabis Brand Transparency

Peace of mind – knowing the Story about your Cannabis  

Fuzionera is a Cannabis company that uses blockchain to provide consumers with better transparency, education, and verification of authenticity for safer cannabis products.

Fuzionera plans to increase blockchain adoption using gamification and prizes.

The Fuzionera cannabis product’s origin, varietal, lab testing results and packaging dates are recorded on the VeChain Blockchain. Customers can view the product details, testing and, freshness to be better informed, more confident, and feel safer about their purchase choices.

How it works is Fuzionera provides this experience through a QR Code label on their packages for each product batch which is connected to a unique ID stored on the blockchain.   Simply scanning the QR code on the package provides a rich story of the products origin, composition, and packaging dates.  Additionally, customers can treasure hunt for King Crown prizes (NFC Chips) with the details stored on the blockchain about how to claim their loot.  Just download free VeChain Pro from your app store to play.

Scan the attached QR code and see for yourself using your smartphone.

Dominique Davis is the Founder of Fuzionera, located in the Los Angeles area.  Fuzionera plans to release their first King Cake products with King Crown prizes for the new year.


Listen to or read about this interview with Dominique to learn more about his vision and Fuzionera.

Full Interview

David: Tell us about you and what your company does.

Dominique: So Fuzionera we are a cannabis company, that wants to bring new branding concepts to the market along with partnering up with brands from our companies from other industries, that are shaping the future of the world as we know it, pretty much just like cannabis is doing right now. I basically create brands with never-before-seen concepts that I believe consumers would appreciate and enjoy.

David: What products to you provide, where and when will they be available?

Dominique: Right now, we have two products under the Fuzionera umbrella.  One is Zwitch, which is a dual flavor pack of THC pods. Zwitch has been around for about a year and a half.  And our next product, which is King Cake, will be releasing later this month which is December. You know that’s pretty much the reason we’re here, that’s the first brand that we’re going to implement our VeChain partnership with. 

We currently operate in Los Angeles in which our company is set up to white label under companies with manufacturing and cultivation licenses in the state of California.  Right now, since the government is still looking for ways to regulate cannabis in our country, we cannot sell products that are packaged and produced in California to other states.  If we want to set up another states, we have to license through the entities in those states.  Products packaged and produced in California cannot be sold in the state of Nevada or any state.


David: Why did you choose blockchain, what opportunities or pain points were you hoping to solve, and what made you choose VeChain?

Dominique: Like I said, I’m always looking for new innovative ideas. You know crypto’s pretty new, the regulated cannabis industry is pretty new. I’ve been an investor in crypto since 2017 and VeChain was one of the first companies that I invested in. I was doing you know some research maybe and thinking about maybe increasing my position size.  I ran into a video about how you guys are pretty much working with companies in the wine industry to you know, verify from seed to sale basically. I was like, you know that be awesome idea for a cannabis brand.  So, in my head I’m thinking grow-grow-grow. 

I reached out to VeChain through the website, got hooked up with you and I thought of, you know once you showed me the NFC chips, another idea came to my head because I’ve had this King Cake idea in my head for a while. I just didn’t know really how I could do the prizes and things like that. The NFC chips will be a great way to implement prizes and things like that.  And connecting with you, I just saw a lot more stuff that I can do, so it’s not just one or two things that this partnership brings, this partnership brings verification, antifraud, and transparency to further the education in the cannabis industry which is very behind.  But the industry is new, lacks transparency, and education. The plant itself is so beautiful and unique, that we want to find different ways to show it off to the consumers.

More Info

For further information, contact:

  Phone: +1 225-678-3557


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