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Fibonacci Footwear is a quality shoe brand that brings form and function together in the office.   With the use of blockchain tools like VeChain, Fibonacci’s customers have high assurance that the product indeed meets the high standard that Fibonacci sets for its brand.  

Each pair of shoes is uniquely registered on the VeChain Blockchain giving customer specific provenance and traceability of their shoes.  Through an easy-to-use interface provided by Vechain, Fibonacci can showcase their quality standards and sustainable practices.  Customers can view the material sources, parties involved, and supply chain steps to be better informed and confident about their purchase choices.

How it works is Fibonacci provides this experience through a unique QR tag that comes with every pair of shoes that is connected to a digital story recorded on the blockchain.   Simply scanning the QR code provides a rich story of the shoe’s creation, origin, composition, quality measures, and sustainable practices.

Scan the attached QR code and see for yourself using your smartphone.

Andrew Crews is the Founder of Fibonacci Footwear, located in the Philadelphia area.  Early February, Fibonacci will release their first Chukka and Derby shoe through Kickstarter.

Listen to or read about this interview with Andrew to learn more about his vision and Fibonacci Footwear.

Full Interview

David: Tell us about you and what your company does.

Andrew: So, my background is, I’ve been in the corporate world for about 20 years between supply chain, IT, and finance.  Spent many hours behind the desk and over the years I’ve learned the importance of getting on your feet and having exercise during the day.

We kind of build a brand around that theory that brings together an office shoe look with the comfort and durability of walking shoe.

David: What products to you provide, where and when will they be available?

Andrew: We have and we’re launching with two products, a couple different colors. One is a dress lace up Derby shoe, and the other is a lace up Chukka in suede, the Derby is going to be in leather.

These products we will be launching on Kickstarter in early February. February 7th is our target date and then that will run for about a month, and we will then launch our online presence, our website, early March.

David: Why did you choose blockchain, what opportunities or pain points were you hoping to solve, and what made you choose VeChain?

Andrew: I have been following the VeChain for some time now.  I’ve been in IT and Supply Chain, so I know the importance of technology. 

One of the things that we wanted to do, was when we built this shoe, we were using high quality materials, and we wanted to make sure that we had a little bit of traceability, so when the product gets to the end-customer, they can feel confident and comfortable that they have the right product and it’s coming from us.

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