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This process is designed for all kinds of clothing & luxury products such as shoes, apparel, designer bags, jewelry, and accessory products.

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This process is designed for all types of finished textile products including (but not limited to) clothing, luxury items, shoes, hand-bags, bed linens, and curtains/drapes, which enables the enterprise to exploit add value with a low cost and high efficiency.


  • Abstract from real business use cases in clothing, apparel, or luxury goods industry
  • Maximize the application trial and implementation success
  • Small and medium size suppliers are capable to implement without any further development


  • Sandbox account access to learn and practice
  • Production account access to track & trace real items
  • Sandbox (testnet) ToolChain Credits (TCCs) – fixed supply
  • Production (mainnet) ToolChain Credits (TCCs) – fixed supply per month
  • Additional TCCs available (min order 500)
  • Up to four (4) Users/Roles (Viewer, Operator, Approver, Supervisor)
  • Desktop and Mobile access Apps
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